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    The composition of a car“s paint
    Source:Jiaxin  Date:2017-06-17

    First, car paint is generally divided into four basic components:
    A resin (film-forming material)
    B pigments (including body, pigment, anticorrosive pigment, colouring pigment)
    C solvent
    D additive
    The composition of a car's paint

    A resin can be divided into: natural resin, synthetic resin (including thermoplastic, thermosetting, self crosslinking)
    1, natural resin Description: insect or tree secretions. Ingredients: rosin, shellac
    2, synthetic resin thermoplastic Description: high temperature softening, easily solvent, solvent.
    Ingredients: ethylene resin, CAB, acetate butyrate, nitro cellulose.
    3. Synthetic thermosetting resin Description: heating is not easy to soften, high hardness, solvent resistance.
    Ingredients: melamine, epoxy resin, acrylic resin.
    4. Synthetic tree self association type description: two component mixing occurs when the chemical reaction and curing.
    Ingredients: unsaturated resin, polyester resin, polyurethane resin.
    B pigment classification:
    Anticorrosive pigment II: physical pigment, colouring pigment (inorganic pigment, organic pigment).
    1, anticorrosive pigment: widely used in primer, enhance anti-corrosion effect.
    2, body pigment: improve the thickness and grinding of paint, is used as primers and other coating of the main pigment.
    3: Pigmented pigment: provide color, color and hiding power. (inorganic pigment): metallic oxides, usually of a dull color. Such as titanium dioxide, iron oxide red pigment. Organic pigments: mainly refers to the bright colors, but zhegaili phthalocyanine blue, such as the difference of a flat red pigment)
    C solvent: a liquid soluble resin with many uses, making pigments and resins easier
    Mix and make sure the paint has a construction viscosity.
    D: additive compounds, having various properties are usually a small amount of paint, with special performance or improve the paint in the paint but the proportion of not more than 5% types of additives: (dispersing agent, curing accelerator, anti shedding additives, softener, corrosion resisting additives, leveling agent, ultraviolet absorbent, anti pinhole agent etc.).


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