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    Product name 1K Solid Basecoat Product category Ding Yue series
    Detailed product

    Product introduction

    It consists of a variety of weathering resin,High quality, good hiding power,A combination of solid color, metal effect and pearl effect single - group primer paint,Excellent adhesion between coatings。

    Product characteristics

    Metal effect,Silver powder and pearl arrange uniform rules,Good printing, strong covering.

    Quick drying, good leveling, good construction, easy operation, small smell.

    The color is rich and complete to meet the changing color of the car.

    Most of the imported raw materials, good weather resistance, make the car look durable and new.

    Physical parameters

    Appearance status

    All sorts of color


    Semi matte

    specific gravity

    0.95±0.05kg/Ldepend on the color

    Nonvolatile component

    33±3% depend on the color


    1K 150±20S-4 cups,25℃)

    auxiliary product

    The base paint

    Mix of high concentration and 1K resin


    Advanced thinnerA380、A381、A382

    Construction parameters

    Mix proportion

    1 k metallic paint        Volume 1

    Advanced thinner          Volume 1-1.2

    Mix according to formula and mix well before using

    pot life

    12hours 25

    Spraying viscosity

    14~18 seconds-4 cups,25℃)

    Spraying tool

    Upper pot spray gun diameter of 1.2 ~ 1.5mm    lower pot nozzle diameter is 1.2 ~ 1.7mm

    Spraying pressure

    Gun pressure for 3 to 5 kg/c

    Spraying method

    Spray 2 ~ 3 layers at 3.5 KG air pressure,Volatile time is 2 ~ 3 minutes (25 ),Gun for 15 ~ 20 cm。Cover completely and then spray the last layer with 2KG air pressure。Volatilize for 5-10 minutes,the longest is one hour,respray varnish

    drying time

    At 25 , in 15 minutes, 1 hour spray varnish

    Using range

    After the P1000 # sandpaper is sanded, or the paint surface and primer surface after oil pollution

    Packing specification



    The storage period of the open tank is 5 years



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