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    Product name Grey Primer KE-D007 Product category Ding Yue series
    Detailed product

    Product introduction

    Multi-purpose nitrocellulose single group grey primer. To fill the marks or minor indentations left by the grinding of sandpaper,And provides simple isolation, is a kind of general economic type primer.

    Product characteristics


    Economy, can reduce cost.


    The paint film is exquisite, filling ability is good.


    Single unit, easy to construct.


    Fast drying and easy to polish.


    Physical parameters


    Appearance status

    Grey thick liquid


    Nonvolatile component






    specific gravity

    About 1.2±0.1kg/L



    5:1 Acetic acid butyl ester100±10S-4 cups,25℃)


    auxiliary product



    Universal thinner


    Construction parameters


    Mix proportion

    Gray primer                      volume   1


    Universal thinner      volume  11.5


    mix before use


    Spraying viscosity

    1822 seconds-4cups,25℃))


    Spraying tool

    Upper pot spray gun diameter of 1.41.6mm


    The lower pot nozzle diameter is 1.61.8mm


    Spraying pressure

    Gun pressure for 35kg/c


    Spraying method

    Spraying layer, each layer of evaporation time for 5 ~ 10 minutes (25 ),If the plastic parts are repaired, thin the first layer and give a longer evaporation


    Film thickness

    2030 micron


    drying time

    Can be polished30 minutes25℃),10 minutes60℃)


    Dry consolidation

    400#600# sandpaper to Dry grinding  or 800#1000#  sandpaper to water grinding


    Nonapplicable range

    Does not apply to stainless steel, aluminum, zinc, iron, wood and other surfaces



    1Recommended for local repair, not recommended for large area construction;


    2If high adhesion and strong corrosion resistance are to be obtained, it is recommended to apply a dual-component paint.


    3It is not recommended to use diluents with high moisture content and too fast drying.


    Packing specification






    The storage period of the open tank is 2 years




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